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Tiny Show Pieces

Had to put all these in one place for a submission, so why not do a little blog post? These are 5 favorites of my under 7" works. I wish I still had "Manageable Taste" but someone bought it! What a great problem to have.

Tube Study #1

Fabric, sand, glitter, found object

6"X 6"X 4"

Lifecycle Disconnect

Wax, bee, found objects

4"X 3" X 3"

Proud of Yourself

Fabric, glitter, sand

6.5" X 4" X 4"


Crayon, glass, cement

4"X 3" X 3"

Crayon Trio (F*R*I*E*N*D*S*)

Crayons, glass, acrylic, wood

6" X 5" X 3"

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