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I've been making my way as a designer of soft products under the name Jumbo Jibbles since 2011. As things started to get weirder, I found my audience was confused about the direction my work was taking-- that is, becoming more conceptual and less product. It's hard to move my mind from products to art-- I have a lot of good ideas!

Fabric is my main squeeze, and a lot of my art begs to be touched (please ask first!) I can't seem to get away from the whimsical. But if you look close, you'll find internal organs, wet ocean fingers, toothpaste-flecked notes and sweaty crayons.  

I am lucky to have an art studio at The Alameda Artworks in San Jose. It houses my business with enough space left over to play with fabric scraps, dunk things in glue and play the occasional prank.

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