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Casting & Carving

Apartment life doesn't allow for much woodworking, and the most I've done in my studio is making small shelves with a handsaw. I do enjoy that, but I've wanted to cut wood into finicky shapes for a long time. When I was in undergrad in the early 2000s (yes, that long!!) I wanted to make simple wood and rope swings for campus, but I lacked access to the tools. Twenty years later I get to learn how to use everything: chop saws, routers, angle grinders, flexible shaft rotary tools, varnishes. I'm so happy in there, and thanks to the help of Mitra Fabian and Rob, I haven't lost any fingers (just part of a fingertip, but it's ok.)

In the Spring 2022 semester, we had a section on making molds and casting plaster, wood carving and tools, and assemblage. Since I've been doing a bit of assemblage in my artwork for a while, I've thrown myself into the wood part. I look forward to taking another ceramics class with Mitra to learn advanced handbuilding techniques.

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