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Pretty and a little useless

"Little Legs" opens tomorrow at the Open Door Gallery at Familiar, a lovely home decor boutique in San Jose. The sign outside says "ceramics, plants, heavy things", and my new sculptures are a little of all of those things, and none of them. They play with idea of vessels and hard materials, look like vases to hold flowers but refuse to. The are quasi-functional, tempting you to plop in a clutch of posies, but they'll resist you with the help of gravity. Some don't even have an opening. Just let them be what they are.

Three small fabric vases standing on small legs. One is white and blue streaked with odd appendages sticking out, one is a litlte pink standing sausage and one is a very tired blue vase.
"Little Legs" fabric vessels made by artist Amy Brown

Each new vessel is sewn from fabric, painted to look like ceramic, covered in tiny glass globules or sewn from laminated plastics. They stand on taffy legs, sometimes reaching out a pseudopodinous arm to plop-click onto you and leave a tiny, slimy mark. *Plop*

Select sculptures have wooden vases cut in the shape of their shadows. If there is one you like that does not have a base, I would be happy to make you one.

10" fabric sculpture that kind of looks like a light pink sausage with three little legs at the bottom. It stands on a wooden base vaguely shaped like a shadow.
Meatless, fabric sculpture by amy brown

This work will be on display through the end of October. The gallery is open tomorrow for the launch 12pm-6pm, their normal hours.

Familiar is at 755 W. San Carlos in San Jose. Find the Black & Brown building, and go up the stairs!

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