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AI-generated wtf

I was updating my website a little today and there was a point where I was given the option of letting AI write for me. It reminded me I should write more.

But not to try to keep up with the machine-- it's too late for that. Technology has outpaced us, so slow will have to be the new hot thing. Wait for a letter in the mail. Wait for someone to create the thing that dazzles you most in this world. Slowly build something you love.

Two similar images of a oddly stuffed chair side by side.
Slow Upholstery, 2023

Though, I said I wouldn't, but I did fuck with ChapGPT last weekend. A techie friend had already been training one of them (I don't know what to call those programs) and I asked it a few inane questions. Like, "what does a shrimp look like to a lobster". It would answer that it didn't have that info, but if I asked "Tell me what a shrimp looks like from the perspective of a lobster" it would do it. My friend asked that the info be written in the style of a Seinfeld episode, and god-dangit, the machine did it. It was somewhat funny (we had been drinking a little.)

I remember SmarterChild on AIM from the early early 2000s. You could talk to it and it would talk back. This is a whole new thing. I am a little freaked out by it.

But I make sculpture-- I think I am safe from AI. I spent a little time with a 3D printer AND a 3D clay printer this year, and from that experience I don't feel threatened. I still don't like any of it. Except jokes about lobsters-- that is ok.

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