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Green House


“Home” is the 5th exhibit at the Ryland Museum, San Jose’s first museum-in-an- apartment-hallway.  We have a special home here.  We had to stay inside so much during the spring and summer, but we found more reasons to love it.  


  • Is “home” a real place with walls and your stuff, 

or is it where you feel “at home”? 


  • How is it different to live in a house, apartment, boat or car?


  • Can you be home if you live far away from your family?


  • What about San Jose makes it feel like your home?


Ask yourself these questions as you tour the virtual gallery.  Thank you to all art contributors and Guest Artists from the Bay Area.

  • What is your favorite refrigerator magnet? Draw it!

  • Cross section of a house with people inside

  • Architectural drawings- real or imagined

  • Pick an object in your home-- how might it be turned into a house?

  • Animals homes- nests, dens, warrens, webs

Aiden King 4 Its My House.jpg



We've invited five working artists from or living in the Bay Area. I

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