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Last helping of Rag Soup & Sugar Sandwiches

Hey-o- thanks for coming to my show if you did. And if you didn't, I'm sure you were doing something really lovely. Like talking to a potted plant (they need that, they can't go out) or fixing a breakfast with those plums you were saving in the icebox.

The last weekend of the show is here now-- you can see it at The Arsenal on Saturday, September 18 from 1pm-5pm AND on Sunday from 10am-3pm. Sunday is VivaCalleSJ, a huge open streets festival, so please don't drive that day. No, really. It will not be fun for you. If you can walk, roll, ride or skate, it WILL be fun for you.

After that, I am taking the show down and putting most of it up in my studio. It is up to you how much I take home with me (please contact to schedule an appointment and buy some of it, please.) I am doing an OPEN STUDIO at The Alameda Artworks with my buddy Sara, and a whole lotta other artists in their spaces. That's September 25-26. Lots of artists will be out doing their thing that weekend for Silicon Valley Open Studios. I may even have some Jumbo Jibbles stuff out. Or some prototypes!

The Alameda Artw

orks is at 1068 The Alameda in San Jose. You can't see it from the street- it's behind Recycle Bookstore. If you walk in from the street, you can also see my artwork in the window display on the children's side of the bookstore. There's parking on the street and in the lot behind our studio. Look for the colored doors. My studio #12 is through the red door between the bike and bus murals (another way you can get here). Then the PINK DOOR, then #12!

I hope it goes without saying, but please wear a mask so we don't have to be safety wardens. Wear a cute one. If you don't have one, order one of mine on JUMBO JIBBLES and I'll go outside and hand it to you.

That's me, painting the window for Recycle Bookstore back in March. It hasn't rained since then so it all still looks fresh. MY GOD!

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