Green House


Everyone has a home, even if it isn't a physical space. Homes are nests, four walls and a roof, a warm bed, an idea. This show wants to explore all the facets of what we consider home.

The Ryland Museum exhibits are geared towards younger people, but encourage all to send in artwork and writing. We are dedicated to being as "open" as we can be during the Covid-19 crisis. Everyone is welcome at our made-up-museum.

Entries open until September 1st.

art prompts

Please send in any art or writing about houses, your home, or homes you imagine.

  • What is your favorite refrigerator magnet? Draw it!

  • Cross section of a house with people inside

  • Architectural drawings- real or imagined

  • Pick an object in your home-- how might it be turned into a house?

  • Animals homes- nests, dens, warrens, webs

Yellow Frame Windows

Submit work digitally  or send physical work to: 

Ryland Museum c/o Amy Brown

435 N 2nd St #323

San Jose, CA 95112

If you would like your work returned, please include a self addressed stamped envelope. 

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